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Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Aspalt Patch Mixer

Bukaka Asphalt Patch Mix (BAPM-3) is the mixer Aggregate-Asphalt is Hot Mix with a nominal capacity of 3 products TPH (100 liters each process). It is suitable for pavement repair work, or small sized paving 

This equipment represents a breakthrough to meet the needs of hot mix with equipment that is simple, small size and shape, and able to produce a homogeneous mix of hot and fast. The composition of the mixture can be adjusted in accordance with defined specifications. With a compact system, and operation of manual controls and features heating (temperature), this unit becomes more practical, very easy and fast operation with optimal results.

Types of rotary drum dryer is designed for drying quickly and optimally. Asphalt tank equipped with heaters to get the temperature of the liquid asphalt. Mixer with integrated single type Pug mill asphalt tank. Power source using the generating sets 

The entire piece of equipment unit is placed on a mobile frame and equipped with towing, so the equipment is easy to operate moved from one place to another. BAPM Unit-3 is designed to use a dump truck pulled a small size as well as the aggregate material.

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