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Honey Comb Castelated Beam (PT. Gunung Garuda)

One product variation of the Castellated Beam type that is under Gunung Garuda's product range is the Honey Comb. Honey Comb is a castellated beam that is fabricated from a standard IWF. The beam is initially split along its length by a profile flame cut. The two halves of the beam are then separated, displaced by one profile and reconnected by welding, thus forming hexagonal holes along the web. Castellated beams have a deeper section than a comparable solid beam, which has a greater resistance to deflection. They are therefore most often used in long span applications with light or moderate loadings, particularly roofs. Since the weight of steel has not changed, the structural efficiency of the section in bending has been increased. A further advantage of castellated beams is the holes in the web which provide a route for services.

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