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Besi Profil Queen Cross (Fabrikasi dari Profile H Canai Panas)

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Queen Cross Besi Profil Queen Cross (Fabrikasi dari Profile H Canai Panas) (Gunung Garuda)

Queen Cross is almost similar to King Cross but differ in shape. Standard sizes can be made by welding a T-Beam into the web of a hot rolled IWF while for non standards sizes are made from welded steel plates.

Just like King Cross, Queen Cross are also generally used for structural column for smaller axial load properties compared to King Cross and are still have a higher load values than standard IWF. Gunung Garuda's Queen Cross's are welded with partial joint penetration welding procedure while other procedures such as complete joint penetration and fillet can also be done on request. Other than our 12M length standard, non standard sizes are also available upon request and will subject to minimum quantity

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