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Besi Frofil Castellated - Cell Form

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Cell Form (Gunung Garuda)

Another form of Castellated Beam type under our product range is the Cell Form. The cell form beam is fabricated in a similar way to the Honey Comb castellated beam, with some additional cuts are made in the web to create circular holes when the cut sections are joined. Cell form beams offer users the benefit of flexibility, reduced weight, space and aesthetics, while lowering costs.

The use of cellular beams allows a new architectural expression. Structures are lightened and spans increased, pulling spaces together. This flexibility goes together with the functionality of allowing technical installations (pipes and ducts) to pass through the openings.

The lightweight appearance of cellular beams, combined with their high strength, never ceases to inspire architects to new structural forms.

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BS EN-10208-2-L245MB   |   JIS-G3101-SS400  

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