Boom Lift

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Introducing the industry’s first Z-boom with an AC drive system

  • The Z™-40N control system allows smooth, responsive operation of multiple functions at the same time — from raise, lower and rotate to extend, steer. This revolutionary variable-speed technology delivers quick repositioning within the Z™-40N’s entire range of motion.
  • Less demand on the batteries means longer battery charge life.
  • Proportional lift and drive controls allow you to manage the speed of each function and make precise adjustments in tight areas
  • The AC motors and controller are sealed to protect against moisture and dust.
  • On-board diagnostics, simpler wiring and fewer parts make troubleshooting a breeze.
  • Easy-access panels save on repair time. Common service parts and procedures across the Genie® Z™-boom line can also save you time and money.
  • Zero tailswing swing in stowed and raised working positions, along with its 1.50 m (4 ft 11 in) wide chassis, and a 87 cm (2 ft 8 in) turning radius, make this boom perfect to work in congested areas.
  • The  1.22 m (4 ft) jib boom has 128° range of motion, so it can be positioned above or below horizontal.
  • The RJ model features a rotating jib that adds an industry-leading 180° (2 x 90°) of horizontal rotation.
  • The Z40 N is equipped with a 1.42 m (4 ft 8 in) steel platform while the Z-40 N RJ steel platform measures 1.17 m (3 ft 10 in).
  • 180° powered platform rotation for precise platform positioning and easy operation.
  • Dual parallelogram riser design allows ascent and descent along a vertical plane without retracting or extending the boom.
  • Up to 227 kg (500 lb) lift capacity.

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