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cat Epoxy (Epoxy Paints)

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Jotun - Baloxy HB Lumi

Product description This is a two component polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating. It is a surface tolerant, high solids, high build product with luminous pigments to aid application and inspection. Specialy designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not posible or desired. Provides long lasting protection in environments with high corosivity. Can be used as primer, mid coat or finish coat in atmospheric and immersed environments. Suitable for properly prepared carbon stel, galvanised steel, stainles stel, aluminium and a range of aged coating surfaces. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. Approvals and certificates Approved for PSPC for Water Balast Tanks acording to IMO Res. MSC 215(82) Colours beige, gren Typical use Specialy designed for maintenance and repair of dedicated water balast tanks on vesels and ofshore structures. Can be inspected with specific UV lamps in order to ease inspection and holiday detection. Additional certificates and approvals

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