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Besi Ulir Canai Panas

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Deformed Bar / Besi Ulir (Gunung Raja Paksi)

As the main building materials in many construction work, our round and deformed bar range will assist any construction and engineering project with the product quality assurance of GRP. Round / deformed bar also commonly known as Steel Reinforcing bars are produced by pouring molten steel into casters and then running it through a series of stands in the mill, which shape the steel into reinforcing bars. The cross hatchings, called “deformations,” help transfer the load between concrete and steel. For buildings, bridges, highways and runways, the cast-in-place concrete “body” and shop-fabricated steel “musculature” of reinforcing bar will work in tandem to create one of the most durable and most economical composite materials.

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JIS-G3112-SD345   |   JIS-G3112-SD390   |   JIS-G3112-SD490   |   SNI-SNI 2052:2014   -BjTS 35   |   SNI-SNI 2052:2014   -BjTS 40   |   SNI-SNI 2052:2014   -BjTS 50  

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