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Nama Perusahaan : HAMASA HUTAMA,  PT
N.P.W.P : -
Status Usaha : SWASTA
Alamat : Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 30A
Desa/Kelurahan : Mangga Dua Selatan
Kecamatan : Sawah Besar
Kota : Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
Provinsi : DKI Jakarta
Kode Pos : 10730
Negara : Indonesia
Telepon :
+62 21 6006113 +62 21 6594323
+62 21 6594378
No. Fax :
+62 21 6396213 +62 21 6243375
Website :
Anggota Asosiasi : IISIA | ASPATINDO
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Produk Kawat, Turap Baja (Sheet Piles), Besi Rel (Canai Panas), Plat Lembaran Kisi Kisi, Besi Dek Lantai, Expanded sheet metal, Menara Transmisi, Plat Besi, Plat Kembang / Plat Bordes, Plat Gulungan Canai Panas (HRC), Besi Bulat Penyelesaian Dingin (Cold Finished), Besi Bulat Canai Panas, Besi ulir, Pipa Bulat, Pipa Opal, Pipa Kotak Persegi Empat, Besi Kawat, Besi profil Struktural , Besi Kanal UNP, Besi Kanal C / CNP, Besi Profil - I, Besi Profil - H (iwf / H Beam)


Sport Lighting Pole , High Mast, Tiang Lampu Jalan - Octagon Taper (Double Outreach), Monopole Tower, Guard rail Type W

Tentang Perusahaan

HAMASA HUTAMA POLE is a polygonal steel pole manufactured by CNC press break machine with highest precision and welded by using automatic Sub Merged ARC welding machine which conforms to the international standard under strict integrated quality control as a supporting element. The combination fixation made on ground of the plate thickness, pole diameter and number of side folds enables the pole to be designed in various heights up to 40 M height. It has the ability to resist wind blow and maintain the burden thereon. The joining of every segment can be in the system of welding or slip joining which facilitates both transportation and building matters and installation. Finishing is done through painting or galvanizing system so as to increase the duration of the pole liability against corrosion.

HAMASA HUTAMA POLE can be designed for various uses such as for:


HAMASA HUTAMA used on steel construction such as

  • Antenna Telecommunication Construction
  • High Voltage Transmission Construction
  • Tribune 7 Stadion Construction
  • Aircraft Steel Construction
  • Steel Bridges Construction 7 Deck Plate
  • Industrial Building Construction
  • Hamasa Hutama also does Hot Dip Galvanizing and Installation/Building on site.

Hot Dip Galvanizing is a coating process of liquid metallic zinc bonded metallurgic ally to the polygonal and lattice tower at high temperature. Quality control process is carried out during each process from receiving customers. We have in-house laboratory to analyze, control and maintain chemical process to the optimum level for production reliability. We also conduct final test inspection to ensure that all surfaces are protected in the case. We guarantee the quality of the galvanized coating.

Through a galvanizing process customers can get some advantages such as:

Resistance against abrasion or friction. When steel is hot dip galvanized, a series of zinc - iron - alloys are metallurgic ally bonded to the steel. These Fe - Zn alloys are actually harder than the layers of the underlying steel.

Resistance against corrosion protects damaged galvanized steel surface protection and provide corrosion protection to steel at zinc is more noble than steel.

 Maintenance free.

 Cost Reduction.

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