Besi Profil - H (iwf / H Beam)

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In the market for H-beams, one of the most widely used types of steel, Hanwa ranks first in Japan in terms of the volume of materials sold. We have many clear competitive advantages. For example, we use high-volume procurement but can also supply small numbers of beams for a customer's just-in-time delivery system. Operating our own processing centers is another valuable advantage. Skills gained from operations in Japan also have earned us high marks in overseas markets for steel shapes.
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Nama Produk : H-beams
Nama Brand : Hanwa
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Jual
Minimal Jumlah Pesan : Data Belum Tersedia
Harga : Data Belum Tersedia
Syarat Pembayaran : Data Belum Tersedia
Kemampuan Pasokan : Data Belum Tersedia
Rincian Kemasan : Data Belum Tersedia
Waktu Pengiriman : Data Belum Tersedia
Ketentuan Pengiriman : Data Belum Tersedia
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