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Mesin Potong Plasma

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FICEP Automatic CNC combined plate processing line, (drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, scribing, cutting plasma and oxy gas torch)

This plasma drill processing line is designed for wide plates and is suitable for:

Bridge and viaduct manufacturers Heavy structural steel manufacturers Agricultural and earth moving / mining equipment manufacturers

The Tipo A lines can carry out in one step the main operations required in the steel construction industry such as drilling, milling, pointing, tapping, marking, scribing and plasma/oxy cutting with the following advantages:

Reduced overall dimensions Reduction of material handling steps Unloading the finished parts while the system is processing High speed drilling with carbide tools High performance plasma cutting with various torch options Ability to process multiple operations such as drilling, countersinking, tapping, etc. One rack and pinion measuring system for all operations guarantees accuracy Powerful nesting software for material and processing optimization

The FICEP CNC plate system Tipo A are composed of substantial bridge style box frames. Two independent drilling heads are positioned by ball screws to the programmed locations. Each head has a 19 kW (25 HP) motor, with high spindle speed (3,000 RPM) to accommodate today’s high performance tools.

Additional features include:

Double tool change system with 6 positions CNC controlled marking unit with 38 positions Plasma cutting torch positions on the same axis as the drilling head Possibility to install an optional second thermal cutting torch CNC controlled double carriage with pinchers to keep the material along the virtual datum line during processing, to accomodate also plates that have very bad side mill edges Automatic swarf conveyor for the drilling unit. Infeed and outfeed roller conveyors for 6 mt. long plates or optionally longer on request

In the Tipo A 25LG Ficep has included the lateral gripper to reduce overall dimensions significantly.

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