Plate Driling Machine

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FICEP Automatic CNC plate processing machine (with drilling, marking, scribing, milling, tapping, countersinking functions)
  • P 27E is a drilling machine specifically designed for automatic drilling of plates up

    to 80 mm thickness.

    Traditional systems such as drilling machines, portable manual drilling machines,

    etc. have been overcome by this high speed drilling machine which not only carries

    out the drilling operation, but can also mark, thread and scribe the plates to mark

    possible welding layout positions (scribing).

    The drilling machine is made up of:

    • Rigid and sturdy electrowelded plate frame

    • High speed Ballscrew controlled drilling head (Direct Drive)

    • 19 (27) kw power spindle

    • Automatic tool changing device with 8 positions

    • Coordinate table for automatic movement of 1000mm x 1250mm plates, with

    possibility to reposition and move using ball screw drives over a roller ball table

    • Ficep Pegaso series CNC

    The drilling machine is conceived both for field programming and connection to

    higher level host computers.

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