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Mesin Potong Plasma

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CNC plate cutting machine


Ficep proposes the KRONOS HP series for Steel Fabricators to manufacture gussets, plates, stiffeners, etc. from raw sheet metal, making all cutting process in a single operation without interim handling and with a single operator. A heavy duty cutting machine, having very high reliability , that can equipped with up to n.4 oxy-fuel and n.2 high-definition Hypertherm plasma torches, with straight and bevel heads, to cover all manufacturing needs.



Designed for high-definition Hypertherm plasma cut, having main frame built from aluminum, whose weight enables it to accelerate and decelerate with high levels of efficiency, therefore producing a high quality cut.Table with mechanically welded design and large size, with integrated electric cabinet, thus saving space on the ground and reducing installation time.Automatic torch height regulation for consumables life and cutting quality optimization.

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