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Beam Driling Machine

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CNC Drilling machine

The latest in beam processing

FICEP Vanguard is a new three spindle drilling line for the processing of beams and shaped rolled sections. With the new innovations and the modular structure it is a significant step forward in beam processing. The Vanguard is compact, essential, linear and veryhigh tech with its new Direct Drive motors.

The VANGUARD beam drilling lines are equipped with automatic tool-changer on each head and in addition to drilling they can also carry out milling, tapping, countersinking and scribing in order to mark material with part numbering or layout marking for welding and fit up purposes.

The VANGUARD can be easily coupled with band saws and coping robots to create very powerfull and flexible working units managed with one CNC control unit to cover e.g.: straight or mitred cuts (+45/-60 degrees) plasma or oxy thermal cutting to automatically cut shapes such as coping or flange thinning, ratholes, weld prepping, splitting in the section.

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