Roll Conveyer Beam Blasting Machine

Nama Lain :
Automatic sandblasting machine

This machine is an excellent example of streamlined lean manufacturing techniques.
A very competitive price for the highest level of technology in wheel blast.
The turbines are the top of the class, the benchmark in shotblasting, this machine is equipped with the famous patented wheels ETA wheels.
ETA wheels allow a well distributed shot pattern called the hotspot.
This incredible surface treatment feature is unique around the world and makes this machine the best value for money in shotblasting today.

ItÂ’s extremely easy to understand that a wider hotspot would immediately give a higher productivity due to the fact that in the same amount of time or, in the same amount of feeding speed of the steel beams or plates through the blast chamber, the treated surface is bigger. Simple!
The advantages are even greater. Everybody knows that shotblasting requires maintenance. With this solution maintenance costs are reduced to the minimum.

Direct advantages:

  • increase of capacity
  • minimization of electrical driving power
  • optimization of service life
  • symmetrical blade abrasion
  • optimized distribution of abrasive/ increased "hotspot"

Indirect advantages

  • less wear of abrasive/ less refills of abrasive/ reduction in cost
  • reduction of sound level/ reduction in the cost of the sound proof cabin
  • higher availability of the machine due to longer "in production" intervals
  • discharge of all abrasive carrying components
  • decreased abrasive cycle

If you have a long experience in shot blasting or if it is the first time you are thinking to invest in shotblasting you have to call us.

We will be delighted to go through all the details of our dedicated steel construction roller conveyor shotblasting equipment. Years of experience in installation of this type of technology in the steel construction field pushed us to develop technical aspects that were previously under estimated in this application.

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