Plat Gulungan Canai Dingin (CRC)

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Cold Rolled Coil

Steel BHQ

SK Networks trades steel products, produced at home and abroad, to global markets. Our main suppliers are Korean steel manufacturers such as POSCO, Union Steel, Dongbu Steel, and Hyundai Steel, and Chinese manufacturers such as Taiyuan Steel and Baoshan Steel, Anshan Steel, and Shagang Steel and other steel mills around the world.

Our product lines include hot-rolled coil, plate, coldrolled coil / galvalume, long steel, and special steel such as Stainless steel (STS). We supply products mainly to markets in the Middle East, Europe, America, Australia, and Asia such as China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Southeast Asian countries. While exporting domestic products to overseas markets, we are also focusing on overseas sourcing to enhance our trading competitiveness.

* Coil Center: Engages in cutting and processing steel products and supplying them to end users

HR Plate ASTM A709, AH~EH36
Wire Rod POSCORD 80, SWRH52A-82
STS Stainless ASTM 304/409/430
CR GA/GI ASTM A652A653/792, JIS G3302
EN 10142/10147/10292
EG JIS G3313, ASTM A591/879
EN 10152/10268/10027
Color Steel ASTM A755
CR JIS G3141, ASTM A366/A619/A620
EN 10130/10268, SEW 093/094
NO/GO JIS C2552/C2553
PO JIS G3131/3134, ASTM A569/659/621/622
Long Billet GOST 3SP/PS, 5SP/PS, JIS SD295A
D-bar JIS SD295A/SD400, BS 4449 GRADE 60
HRB 335B
Scrap Scrap HS(PNS), H1(HMS No.1), H2(HMS No.2)
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