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4 Axes CNC Vertical Machining Center

Nama Lain Mycenter-3XiG “Sparkchanger” Vertical Machining Center

Product Description

Specifications Table Size: 16.1” x 34.0” (410 x 864mm) Travel (X, Y, Z): 30” x 18” x 18.1” (760 x 455 x 460mm) Spindle Taper: NST No. 40 Spindle Speed: 20~20,000rpm, Gear Drive, 4-Step Tool Storage Capacity: 30Pcs. Tool Change Time (T-T/C-C): 1.6 Sec. /3.3 Sec. Rapid Feed (X, Y, Z): 1,969ipm (50m/min) X/Y x 1,417ipm (36m/min) Z Power Requirement: 30KVA Features • Enhanced control capability with Kitamura’s feature packed Arumatik-Mi control • Ideal for heavy duty cutting of molds to the high-speed accuracy cutting for high precision parts • Positioning Accuracy: ±0.000078” Full Stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039” • Rigid Meehanite cast iron construction with solid box ways • Versatile 15HP AC, 15,000rpm direct drive, dual contact spindle • Plumbed and ready for coolant thru the spindle – can be added in field • 2,800 block/sec processing speeds for smoother and faster machining of complex work pieces • Flexibility with the ability to add 4th/5th axis in the field

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Nama Produk : Mycenter-3XiG “Sparkchanger” Vertical Machining Center
Nama Brand : Kitamura Machine Works
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Jual
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Harga : Data Belum Tersedia
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Kemampuan Pasokan : Data Belum Tersedia
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