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Lipat (Folding)

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Sheet Metal Folding

If you currently use two businesses for laser cutting and sheet metal folding then Essex Laser can make life easier for you by offering both services under one roof. Having added a 160 ton pressbrake with CNC controlled back gauge and a 4 metre beam length to their plant, Essex Laser now provides a laser cutting service and the capacity for sheet metal folding.

The pressbrake is a highly versatile state of the art machine and enables Essex Laser to offer you folding sheet metal up to 4000mm to match the laser cutting bed size of 4000mm x 2000mm. This means that you can now get laser cut products already formed and you don't have to worry about sending them somewhere else for secondary bending or using up valuable capacity on your in-house Pressbrake.

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Nama Produk : Sheet Metal Folding
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