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Disconnect Switches

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CAM SWITCHES (CG Power Systems Indonesia)


Rated upto 400A for Circuit isolation and upto 50HP for motor control applications Series S, with flexible wiring options, rated for 6A to 400A and 690V Series TP, with touch-proof, IP20 terminals for safety, rated for 20A and 690V Series RT, rear access, touch-proof, IP20 terminals for safety and easy wiring access, rated for 63A and 690V Breaker Control Switches and DC Switches Wide range accessories & mounting possibilities and multiple utility and applications


 Double break contacts for effective switching Wide range switching programs for all applications Front base or DIN Rail mounting with options of front plates, knobs, interlocking and padlocking facilities for total flexibility

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Nama Produk : CAM SWITCHES (CG Power Systems Indonesia)
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