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PAS Fencing can be categorized as an up-to-date fencing system in Indonesia. Using the high technology machinery, it it designed by using 4 and 6 mm diameter wire with space of 50 mm that is difficult to climb compare to other fencing type with space of 80 mm or 100 mm. Types of PAS FENCING available are BevaMesh standard PAS, PAS Double Wire, Flat Double Wire, with the standard round and square post system. As a complete fencing system, it is supported by a qualified line post and clamp to increase the difficulties in penetrating or removing the fence.

The design is aesthetically made and finished with either hot dip galvanizing, heavy galvanizing or powder coating with optional colours. For this type of fence, we offer a 10 year warranty againts corrosion in a normal environment.


- Strong as a standard perimeter protection and security- Aesthetic design with a choice of 1000/2000 mm in height- For a long distance area, PAS fencing could save 80% of your cost in transportation, maintenance and replacement

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