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Articulated Forklift

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Battery Froklift - DSL Indonesia



Available as 3 Ph 380/220 V. and 1 Ph 220 V. Input Voltage,     50Hz. Wo-Wa charging mode. 8 hr recharge time. Automatic start after an 8 second delay. Pre-Charging mode; monitoring system ensuring prevention of     overcharging. Alpha/Numeric display : Key information including total     voltage, charge current, amps returnd, accumulated charge     time, charge factor, starting count-down. Pulsed equalizing mode and compensation charge. Charging timer mode.




Available as a 220V. 50 Hz single phase input model. Wa charging mode 13 hr recharge itme. Automatic star after a 8 seconds delay. Applacation for traction batteries in equipment such as     sweepers, power pallet truck or small vehicles. Pulsed equalizing mode (36h)



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