Anti spatter

Nama Lain :
Anti Spatter Silicone Free Non - Toxic : Spray and Paste

Main Applications :

  • Welding

Spray Anti Spatter Advantageous :

  • A professional spray for spraying on the torch nozzle to avoid sticking of the welding spatter
  • It has been studied to guarantee the maximum detaching capacity and a uniform and lasting protective layer
  • Contains no CFC, it is ecological, non flammable and contains no silicones to guarantee the possibility of painting the products after welding them
  • The spray is supplied in packs of 25 pieces

Paste Anti Spatter Advantageous :

  • ANTI-SPATTER COMPOUND is the paste for protecting the front part of the torch against lesion caused by welding spatter
  • The metal canister allows the torch to be dipped into the paste without danger of spoiling the container
  • The protective paste is not flammable and contains no silicones
  • It is supplied in packs of 10 pieces with a net content of 375 ml


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