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Circular Saw Cutting Machine

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Cutting Machine Circular Saw CS 200

Main Applications ;

Steel Stainless steel Aluminum


Advantageous :

Amazing performance cutting metals as easily as a conventional circular saws cut wood. Cuts efficiently and keeps cool Super-quick chip clearing with our unique bayonet-type blade cover latch Ergonomic handle shape and position with soft TPR grip the result of extensive lab testing for maximum comfort and fatigue free operation Our saws can bevel up to 45 degrees. We did not forget convenience, either. Our saws provide easy to read positive stops for all the most popular bevel angles, plus quick and easy adjustment High stability base with quick, tool-free depth adjustment including clearly marked scale High output motors for all the torque you need to perform even the most challenging cuts Safety features include a lock-off switch and spark/chip containing design Every feature comes together to provide exact, clean cuts with a variety of metals

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Nama Produk : Cutting Machine Circular Saw CS 200
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