Circular Saw Cutting Machine

Nama Lain :
Cutting Machine Dry Cut DRC 355

Main Applications :

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum


Advantageous :

  • The dry cut saw blade shears through the material 3 times faster than traditional cut off saw with abrasive
  • All with less sparks, less heat and resulting accurate cutting, clean and practically free of burrs
  • Superior TCT saw blade, only 2.4 mm metal loss
  • Carriage lock
  • Handy wrench storage
  • Arbor lock
  • See through protection shield
  • Two pieces lower blade guard
  • Tool free fence lock
  • Chip tray
  • High stability cast aluminum alloy base
  • Fence with scale swivels 45 ° in right and left directions
  • Quick lock vise with speed crank
  • Soft Start with 2.200 watts motor
  • Motor with auto stop carbon brush
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