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Circular Saw Cutting Machine

Nama lain :
Cutting Machine Dry Cut DRC 355

Main Applications :

Steel Stainless steel Aluminum


Advantageous :

The dry cut saw blade shears through the material 3 times faster than traditional cut off saw with abrasive All with less sparks, less heat and resulting accurate cutting, clean and practically free of burrs Superior TCT saw blade, only 2.4 mm metal loss Carriage lock Handy wrench storage Arbor lock See through protection shield Two pieces lower blade guard Tool free fence lock Chip tray High stability cast aluminum alloy base Fence with scale swivels 45 ° in right and left directions Quick lock vise with speed crank Soft Start with 2.200 watts motor Motor with auto stop carbon brush

   Detail Produk

Nama Produk : Cutting Machine Dry Cut DRC 355
Nama Brand : Data Belum Tersedia
Kondisi Produk : Data Belum Tersedia

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