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Hand Beveler Machine

Nama Lain Bevelling Machine SKF 63-15

Product Description

Advantageous :

  • The ALFRA bevel milling machine was specially developed for weld preparation and for milling metallic materials
  • Universally applicable in construction areas, light weight and direct use on the workpiece
  • Suitable for the milling of steel , chrome nickel steel, cast iron and non-ferrous heavy metals
  • Designed for one-man operation, the machine is placed on a 90° angle on the work piece, a light downward pressure applied, and guided along manually.
  • The roller guide rails are made of hardened steel and guarantee excellent feed rates
  • The design of this side milling cutter, which uses commercially available inserts and a rotation speed of 2.870 rpm, guarantees chatter-free, uniform bevel milling
  • Simple, safe operation with overload protection and restart interlock
  • OFF switch integrated into the right-side hand grip (illustration)
  • Pipes from Ø 160 mm up to Ø 390 mm can be externally milled by means of an additional device
  • Max. Land width 15 mm, angle adjustment 15 - 60°

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