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Hand Beveler Machine

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Bevelling Machine SKF 63-15

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The ALFRA bevel milling machine was specially developed for weld preparation and for milling metallic materials Universally applicable in construction areas, light weight and direct use on the workpiece Suitable for the milling of steel , chrome nickel steel, cast iron and non-ferrous heavy metals Designed for one-man operation, the machine is placed on a 90° angle on the work piece, a light downward pressure applied, and guided along manually. The roller guide rails are made of hardened steel and guarantee excellent feed rates The design of this side milling cutter, which uses commercially available inserts and a rotation speed of 2.870 rpm, guarantees chatter-free, uniform bevel milling Simple, safe operation with overload protection and restart interlock OFF switch integrated into the right-side hand grip (illustration) Pipes from Ø 160 mm up to Ø 390 mm can be externally milled by means of an additional device Max. Land width 15 mm, angle adjustment 15 - 60°

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Nama Produk : Bevelling Machine SKF 63-15
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