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Busbar Bending & Punching Set

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For Busbar 120 x 12 mm
With a universal work cylinder it is possible to easily bend busbar 120 x 12 mm and by inserting a punch it is possible to make round holes from 6.6 to 21.5 mm, also oval holes up to 21.5 mm



Bending Busbars Operating Suggestion

  • For bending operation, the bending die is inserted into the hydraulic piston and the electric angle reader is set into the round guide groove of the counter block
  • The contact cable is connected to the electric  motor 
  • Adjust the required angle with the set screw. We recommend to adjust 1º to 3º above the required angle as cooper springs back
  • The first bending angle produced should be carefully checked. This bending angle can be reproduced as often as required because the bending process is interrupted by the electric contact switch as soon as the angle has been reached


Punching Busbars Operating Suggestion

  • The punch with the Neoprene stripper and a suitable die are inserted in the mounting hole
  • The punch is held by headless screw on the side 
  • The machining block can be continuously raised or lowered hydraulically using the hand-wheel in accordance with the busbar width and the required hole layout
  • A counter fixed on the hand-wheel indicates the height of the hole centre in mm
  • We recommend marking the busbar with subsequent adjusting of the center pin to these marks, which given an exact hole picture
  • The Neoprene stripper and a built-in electric sensor assure an automatic return of the punch
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