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Cementing & Pumping
Cement supports and protecs the well casings, Makes a stable ground to perate and extend the well life. With our proper cementing, we help you to protect your investment and generate more profit. Oil company should always committed in conducting its drilling activity responsibly. The implementation of this commitment is expected to not only ensure the environmental safety during drilling process and post-drilling activities, but also to maintain the well production capacity. Our equipment has proven to be reliable with zero NPT (Non-Performing Time) for more than three years. This affirms our high commitment to always deliver excellent quality albeit the tight time frame. The cementing is carried out continuously with strong coordination based on rigorous process. Scope of Services : Primary Cementing Secondary/ Remedial Cementing Advanced Cementing Stimulation & Pumping Chemical Pipeline Water Pumping Well Integrity, Pipeline Tests Kill Wells
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Nama Produk : Cementing & Pumping
Nama Brand : Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Jasa
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