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inder is the exclusive manufacturer of the Twinlok® Test Plug in addition to supplying the Pete’s Plug commonly used in Natural Gas installations.

Test Plugs are installed on pipework to allow convenient access for pressure and temperature testing equipment. Binder Test Plugs reduce the need to install expensive fixed temperature and pressure gauges in a pipeline. A single plug can be used for both temperature and pressure readings using hand held test gear that is typically more accurate than low cost fixed gauges found in installations.

Speed of operation is the biggest advantage of Binder’s Test Plugs. Remove the cap, insert the probe, take the reading and replace the cap. The unique core design prevents leakage or jetting when the probe is removed. The Cap protects the entry point and permanent strap protects loss of the Cap.

Binder’s Test Plugs are commonly specified as the industry standard and are guaranteed to be leak proof when installed to by qualified trades’ professionals.

For ease of identification, the Twinlok Test Plug uses a Red Cap Strap whereas the Pete’s Plug uses a Black Cap Strap.

 Twinlok Test Plug_Red Petes Plug_Blue
Twinlok ® Test PlugPete’s Plug
The Twinlok® Test Plug is normally supplied in Dezincification resistant Brass Alloy body with the Nordel core but available in Type 316 Stainless Steel on special request. Common applications;

  • Chilled Water circuits
  • Coil Units
  • Pumps
  • Heating Water
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air Conditioning
The Pete’s plug is used in natural gas installations and is made from Dezincification resistant Brass Alloy with a Neoprene Core. Common applications;

  • Natural Gas Installations

Test Plug

Test Plug_Grey

DescriptionBinder Code
¼” BSP Twinlok® Test Plug Brass691000
¼” NPT Twinlok® Test Plug Brass691001
¼” BSP Pete’s Test Plug DRB691002
¼” NPT Pete’s Test Plug Brass691003

  Pressure Gauge Adaptor

Pressure Gauge Adaptor

DescriptionBinder Code
Adaptor Pressure Gauge B180691025

  Test Plug Extension

  Test Extension (2)

DescriptionBinder Code
Hexagon Plug Extension ¼” BSP Test691006
Extension Hex ¼” BSP x 3/8” BSP x 65mm691007
Extension Hex 3/8” BSPT x 3/8” BSPP x 65mm691008
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Nama Brand : BINDER
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