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Nama Perusahaan : WONOSARI JAYA,  PT
N.P.W.P : 000
Status Usaha : Data tidak tersedia ...
Alamat : Jl. Kertopaten no. 21/1
Desa/Kelurahan : Simokerto
Kecamatan : Sidodadi
Kota : Kota Surabaya
Provinsi : Jawa Timur
Kode Pos : 60145
Negara : Indonesia
Telepon :
+62 31 3711360
No. Fax :
+62 31 3371360
Website :
Anggota Asosiasi : None
Kategori Perusahaan :


35X7 (6/1) Non Rotating Ropes (Galvanized), 32X7 (6/1) Compacted - Non Rotating (Galvanized Ropes), 37X7 (6/1) Compacted - Non Rotating (Galvanized Ropes), 6X19 (12/6+6F/1) FILLER - FIBRE CORE (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X19 (12/6/1) - FIBRE CORE (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X31 (12/6+6/6/1) WS - IWRC (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X19 (9/9/1) SEALE - IWRC (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X25 (12/6+6F/1) FILLER - IWRC (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X36 (14/7+7/7/1) - FIBRE CORE (GENERAL PURPOSE), 6X36 (14/7+7/7/1) - IWRC (GENERAL PURPOSE), 7X19 (12/6/1) - WIRE STRAND CORE (GENERAL PURPOSE), Kawat Baja Carbon Tinggi (High carbon), Kawat Galvanis Celup Panas (Hot dipped galvanized), Bronjong mattress , Bronjong Kotak, kawat tali Beton Pratekan (PC Strand), 6X7 (6/1) - FIBRE CORE (GENERAL PURPOSE), 19X7 (6/1) Stainless Steel - Non Rotating, 6 x 7 FC, 6 x 12 7 FC, 6 x 19 FC, 6 x 19 FC, 6 x 37 FC, 6 x 37 IWRC

Tentang Perusahaan

PT. Wonosari Jaya was established in 1972 under the facilities of the Domestic Capital Investment Regulation, began its trial production 1973. Since then it has been engaging in the manufacture of wire rope, stranded wire, steel wire for ASCR, spring, wire, spoke wire, armoured wire, flat wire, gabion, etc. As a pioneering project in Indonesia the customer’s satisfaction is our motto and as a leading manufacturer we provide a complete range of products in the respect of size and construction and also produces only hight quality products.   committee on quality control has also been organized to exercise rigid inspection of products with scientific method to ensure that hight standard is always maintained. A strict inspection are conducted from raw materials used and during each step of the manufacturing process. Besides, our equipment constanly renewed and improved, makes it possible for us to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Today the products of Industri Kawat Baja PT. Wonosari Jaya are recognize in the market, especially by the timber, shipping, fishing, mining, oil company and general engineering purposes

Alamat Lain

Jenis Cabang : FACTORY
Alamat : Jl simojawar I/130D Tandes
Kota/Kabupaten : Kota Surabaya
No. Telpon : +62 31 7492100
No. Fax : +62 31 7492096
Email :
Kontak : Basuki Hidyastono

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Nama Pendaftar : Agung Listianto
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