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cat Epoxy (Epoxy Paints)

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Tankguard DW (solvent free epoxy )

Tankguard DW Tankguard DW is a solvent free epoxy designed for use in tanks for drinking water. It contains no solvents or flexibilisers – such as benzyl alcohol. Tankguard DW passes the strictest requirements for potable water – like BS 6920. In addition, it is easy to apply with standard airless spray equipment with reasonable lengths of hoses. Product type: Tank coating Area of use: Specially designed for drinking water tanks, can also be used in cases where it is of major importance that nothing will leak out from the paint and contaminate cargo Substrate: Suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, stainless steel and concrete substrates Potable water/drinking water approvals – BS 6920 Easy to apply with airless spray Smooth surface Marine Tank Coatings

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Nama Produk : Tankguard DW (solvent free epoxy )
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