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Precision Drilling

Precision drilling small highly accurate holes is becoming a common requirement across a range of industries and applications. From hydraulic valves and spray nozzles to torch tips and gasoline direct injectors, the ability to precision drill small, precise, repeatable holes is key to the integrity and functioning of a given product. Plus, many of the applications have volume requirements so precision drilling time ultimately rivals cost and quality in terms of importance.

Enter DATRON, with machines that feature a 60,000 RPM spindle that handles micro drills as small as .004” (0.1mm) with precision and repeatability in X,Y and Z. Our sheer speed combined with a micro-spray alcohol coolant system produces micro holes with smooth walls, well defined edges and virtually void of dross or recast.

datron dynamic
Milford, New Hampshire

Gun Drilling

We have the capacity to drill at angles, the sample below is a 6mm gun drill hole drilled at 30 degrees.

metal drilling pty , Ltd
Thomastown, Victoria


Drilling is an essential fabrication process that allows bolting a steel structure together. The art of drilling has been known to humans for over 35,000 years. A lot has changed since a pointed rock was spun between the hands and now we have access to highly sophisticated machinery. For steel fabrication purposes we use a radial table drill for drilling holes in plates and magnetic base drills for drilling holes in beams.

     When drilling holes it is essential to keep the centres within a ±1 mm industry standard tolerance so that 2 different beams bolt together with ease. We set the standards higher by performing diagonal tolerance checks of also ±1 mm.

     In the nearest future we will be purchasing a numerically controlled drilling line which will allow us to drill holes quicker and at an even higher tolerance.

Isleworth, Lomdon


Our CNC machines can provide in-house punching, notching, and drilling allowing you productive time on your floor.

westfield steel
Westfield, Indiana


Our two saw and drill lines give you added flexibility when drilling. Seven CNC controlled axes allow superior accuracy. Drilling is available on both the horizontal and vertical plane of long products in one pass. Material can also be cut/mitre cut to length as part of the same process, as well as offering tapping and countersinking further reducing overall costs and leadtimes to delivery.

john parker & son , Ltd
Canterbury, Kent


In addition to our heavy metal profiling services, Acumen Steel Processing provides metal drilling and countersinking services. We can drill an existing product, or we can combine our heavy steel profiling and metal profiling services with our metal drilling services to provide you with the end product you desire.

acumen steel processing
Strathclyde, Motherwell


Performed on our plate processing machines, PDM can punch, drill, tap, mark, and scribe steel plate parts in a multitude of thicknesses and grades.

pdm steel service center
Stockton, California


Our processing facility incorporates a Kaltenbach heavy duty KDX 1215, three axis, 5 tool per spindle, NC drilling system.

This fully automated drilling line is computer controlled allowing fast, precise drilling of up to three holes simultaneously. The machinery is capable of processing NC and other compatible data sent directly from the customers CAD software.

This drill can be used in conjunction with our shot-blasting, painting, and saw lines to produce fully processed structural sections and hollow sections quickly and accurately.

For further details of processing services available, please contact our sales team on 01708 522 311.

rainham steel , Co. LTd
Essex, London


Our 175 Tonne metalworker, is one of the largest in the region. It is capable of punching 57mm dia holes in 22mm thick material. We do also offer a drilling service as part of our service range.

phoenix steel , Ltd
New Castle, New Castle


Caser 4' radial arm drill, #5Morse taper, 2" diameter max hole, 12" column.

steel service
Macon, Georgis


Our in-house design team have "Strucad" Structural Steel draughting machines, directly linked to our FICEP 903 BD 3 Spindle CNC saw and Drilling Line machine and FICEP CNP PA 803 PLATE machine

kiernan structural steel , Ltd
Co. Longford, Longford