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    • Jl. Margomulyo Permai 32 Kav 9 Kota Surabaya
    • +62 31 7481064
    • +62 31 7496135
    Square Steel Billets 3sp & 5sp Grade   
    China Standard Q235B


    Square steel billets

    1)We procure world class quality steel billets which meets the specific requirements of the clients
    The Billets produced by the company can be broadly divided into three main types i.e.
    M.S. Billets CRS Billets Special Alloy Billets M.S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars of Fe415 and Fe500 Grade and various other structural steel products.

    CRS Billets are used for rolling of CRS TMT Re-Bars.

    Special Alloy Billets are used for rolling of any special grade TMT Re-Bars like Earthquake resistant TMT Re-Bars and for special grade structural steel products.

    The following are the sizes of Billets available:
    100 X 100 125 X 125 150 X 150 Physical Properties:
    Description As per IS 2830 STEIRON Billets Bend (max.) 5 mm per meter >= 5 mm per meter Carbon (max.) 3mm per meter >= 3 mm per meter Length 3 mt - 13 mt 3 mt - 9 mt
    Chemical Properties:
    Ladle Analysis: Designation Carbon Manganese C15 0.12-0.18 0.30-0.60 C18 0.15-0.21 0.30-0.60 C20 0.17-0.23 0.30-0.60 C15 MMn 0.12-0.18 0.60-1.00 C18 MMn 0.15-0.21 0.60-1.00 C20 MMn 0.17-0.23 0.60-1.00 C15 HMn 0.12-0.18 1.00-1.50 C18 HMn 0.15-0.21 1.00-1.50 C20 HMn 0.17-0.23 1.00-1.50
    Billets of different designations are manufactured in three different grades namely A, B, C having sulphur, phosphorous content (on ladle analysis) and carbon equivalent as follows:

    Chemical Analysis: Grade Sulphur Phosphorous Carbon Equivalent (CE)1   Max Max Max A 0.05 0.05 0.42 B 0.045 0.045 0.41 C 0.04 0.04 0.39

    • 391B Orchard Road #23-01 Ngee Ann City Tower B Ngee Ann City Tower
    • +65 66387621
    • +65 63165524
    • Kp Cimiung, RT 04 / 02 Kab. Serang
    • 62 21 4222097
    Growth Steel Billets conform to the major world standards and the London Metal Exchange contract specifications. Q235 produced in accordance with GB Q235; 20MnSi produced in accordance with GB 20MnSi; 3803sp produced in accordance with  GOST 380-94 3sp/ps 3805sp produced in accordance with GOST 380-94 5sp/ps BS4449 produced in accordance with BS4449:2005;    
    • Jl. KL Yos Sudarso Km 10 Kawasan Industri Medan Kota Medan
    • +62 61 6851989
    • +62 61 6851474
    Continuously Cast Round Billets are used to produce seamless pipes used for industrial applications that require transportation of steam, water, gas, oil and air under high pressure in the sectors like energy, petrochemical, automotive industries, steel, cement etc. or in machinery manufacturing. Round Billets can be supplied meeting specific requirement of customer or as per any international standard like API, EN, ASTM etc.
    • Deutsche Bank Building, Suite - 1302, Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 80 Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan
    • +622139831525
    • +6239831527
    Continuous Casting Alloy Steel Round Billet CPS has a numerous round billet continuous casting production lines, spreading in the different production locations with more than 200 steel grades and over 20 sizes. The size range is φ150 ~ φ1000mm. Sophisticated process equipment and technology are able to ensure sound internal and external quality of the products as the leader in domestic and oversea markets. The products have obtained the license for special equipment manufacturing in China, German Railways DB certification, Certifications from ABS and other nine shipbuilding industrial associations. Major customers include: Yangzhou Chengde, Xuzhou Rothe Erde, Shandong Yilaite, Jiangsu-up, Jiangyin Fangyuan, Zhangjiagang Hailu Ring and other enterprises.
    • Jl. Hayam Wuruk Apartement Lt.200 No.108 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • +62 21 6006733
    • +62 21 62688033
    We supply high quality Continuously Cast Square Billets of various cross-sections and length meeting the customer requirements and industry specifications including ASTM, BS, EN etc or any other tailor-made requirements of customer. Our Billets can be in alloying and non-alloying qualities for applications like structural and general purpose, concrete reinforcement, wire drawing etc or any special applications (like Low Carbon, High Carbon, Spring Steel, High Mn Steel, Tool Steel, Case Hardening Steel, Cold Heading Quality Steel etc).
    • Deutsche Bank Building, Suite - 1302, Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 80 Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan
    • +622139831525
    • +6239831527
    • jalan kelapa sawit raya XI BF 1/06 Kota Tangerang
    STEEL BILLET  SNI 07-6701-2002 Dimensi:
    100x100x6000 mm 120x120x6000 mm 150x150x12000 mm
    • Jl. Raya Tambun Km. 38 Kab. Bekasi
    • Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.54 - Gedung Krakatau Steel, floor 4th (WISMA BAJA) Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan