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    Kettles & Boilers
    Galvanizing / Lead Kettles
    • The manufacture of kettles, pots, pans, lead pans for the hot dip galvanizing industry and other hot dip coating and wire industries.
    • 46 A Jalan 17/155C Bandar Bukit Jalil, 5700 Kuala Lumpur -
    Galvanizing Kettles We use world leading kettle manufactures from Australia, Germany, Japan and the USA to custom build kettles to meet our furnace design and specifications. This connection ensures our clients receive the most competitive supply and delivery package along with best quality infrastructure. We also offer programmed ultra sound testing throughout the life cycle of the kettle for replacement planning.
    • Suite 9 / 2 Nelson Street Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia -
    Kingfield Equipment have a full range of zinc pumps to cater for all bath sizes. Pump capacity is 100 tonne p/hour. We also provide a pumping service available on request.
    • Suite 9 / 2 Nelson Street Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia -
    Hot-dip galvanizing In our Riepe plant we make Pilling kettles and other special weld constructions for the galvanizing industry. With our experience of more than hundred years and continuous improvement of both, materials and production technologies, we are in a position to produce galvanizing kettles in all dimensions and shapes for all kinds of heating systems. Upon request we can co-ordinate the necessary kettle design details with your furnace supplier. We also assist you in selecting most favourable and punctual transport and if desired we can provide our renowned Pilling Service.
    • Nettestr. 122 D-58762 Altena -
    Furnaces Kingfield Equipment custom design and build furnaces for large and small zinc kettles, drying ovens and zinc recovery systems. These also incorporate heat recovery and utilization systems. The galvanizing furnace has a life span of more than 20 years and is the highest consumer of energy in the galvanizing factory.  The efficency of the galvanizing furnace is directly linked to the cost of production and will impact on the cost for its entire life.  At Kingfield Equipment we offer a range of furnaces and burner systems that allow the client to tailor the best solution within there budget constraints.  The range includes the unique Kingfield Equipment Pulse Firing System a PLC controlled heating system, that delivers high efficiency and optimizes bath life.
    • Suite 9 / 2 Nelson Street Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia -