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    Product Specification Customizable vertical rail length for longer workpieces Small Foot-print and easy to install Economical with High Productivity High Speed and Precision with an acceleration speed of 55mg Highly versatile with oxy-fuel application adaptability
    • Jalan Madu No.7A Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat
    • +62 21 62320041
    • +62 21 62320043
    Roller mould Steel pipe maker  Cold roll forming dies D2,D3,SKD11,Cr12MoV,Cr12Mo1V1,GCr15,3Cr2Mo8V,H13 material ISO9001:2008  certificate
    • No 18 La Shan Road
    • +86 53 187563667
    • +86 53 187563657
    TIPO C range is a flexible CNC centre for punching, marking, drilling, boring, milling, tapping and high definition plasma cutting of large plates. TIPO C line is designed to comply with the different requirements when automatically processing in one cycle on large plates (6000 x 2500 mm.) and different thicknesses (from 2 mm. up to 16 or 20 mm.), ensuring high quality, precision, productivity and flexibility. TIPO C line is capable of complying with the requirements of both traditional steel fabricators and all types of industry requiring detailed components in steel. The frame is made of electric welded and stress-relieved high resistance rolled steel sections. Sliding guides run on precision rolls; axis move by ball screws. Any alignment and orthogonal operation is made through sophisticated precision laser equipments. The punching strength, which is constant throughout the punch stroke, is generated by a special high pressure hydraulic cylinder. This allows the use of progressive punches that considerably reduce the punching force, optimizing the production quality both on minimum and larger thicknesses. The tool handling allows automatic compensation of the strokes and the use of standard punches, re-sharpened or progressive punches. The stripper holder system is hydraulic and coaxial to the punch; the aim is to reduce noise to the minimum and to improve the punching quality and plate straightness by acting like a back bender. Three plasma power units available: HT2000 with compressed air and oxygen: very simple and suitable to those who have no high quality requirements. HPR 130 high definition: very precise and clean cut HPR 260 high definition: very precise, it uses oxygen and compressed air. HPR 400, using different kinds of gas depending on the application, is the most powerful and the fastest in the field. All these units take advantage of the Ficep system to control the torch height and to handle cutting parameters; this makes the process easier and always ensures maximum performances.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123
    Product Specification High Rigidity and Low Maintenance Expert Linear guide Patented technology that offer extended wear & tear Broad Compatibility offers greater component choices  Adaptable with Plasma & Oxy-gas operation Economically efficient with High Performance
    • Jalan Madu No.7A Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat
    • +62 21 62320041
    • +62 21 62320043
    INTRODUCTION   SUNRISE is dominating the structure steel fabricating market in recent years by selling a mass of CNC Beam Drillings system around the world. In 2006, SUNRISE created the first large section beam drilling system BD2510 which was designed for large-section beam fabricators desiring to increase profitability and throughput (tons-per-month) in today’s extremely competitive market. BD2510 eliminates time-consuming manual beam layout and hole drilling, formerly done by mag drills and/or hydraulic punches.   BD2510 (8 CNC Axis) is a different drilling system from BD1250 and BD1000. The machine is equipped with 3 self-supported high-speed Y-Z-axis moving drilling spindles. All spindles are built on the gantry and moving along with it. The spindle can provide high efficient drilling capacity with wide range of hole diameters. All these 3 drilling units can work simultaneously on the web and flanges of the beam. The Beam is fixed on the worktable, and the gantry will finish the CNC moving automatically to find the right position for drilling.   BD2510 can be multi-used for drilling H-Beam, Box-Beam, Column-Beam and Channel. The high speed drilling spindle (0 ~ 1500 rpm) and high speed position servo system will enable the machine to finish job efficiently. BD2510 SPECIFICATIONS   Operating Range H-Beam 800 x 300 mm ~ 2500 x 1250 mm Channel 800 x 300 mm ~ 2500 x 1250 mm Box-Beam & Column Beam 800 x 300 mm ~ 2500 x 1250 mm Max. Length of  Workpiece 15,000 mm Max. Loading Capacity 3 tons/m, total 45 Tons/whole worktable     Drilling Unit No. of Drilling Spindle 3 (Left + Right + Top) Drilling Diameter Φ12.5 ~ Φ40 mm Thread Tapping BT40 Motor Power of Drilling Spindle 7.5 kW x 3 Spindle Feeding Stoke Y1 axis: 980mm; A axis: 1080mm (horizontal) Y2 axis: 980mm; B axis: 1080mm (horizontal) Z axis: 2480mm; C axis: 1080mm (vertical) Spindle Y & Z movement Yes Feed CNC feeding; 0 ~10 m/min (vertical to H-beam) Drilling Tools & Tool Lube Model Coated Drill Bit with mist spray cooling Or Carbide Drill Bit with inner cooling Spindle rpm (servo) Stepless 0 ~ 1500 rpm Profile Height Measuring Included Profile Width Measuring Included Layout Point Marking (not drilling through) Available (for welding purpose)     Gantry System Moving Speed 0 ~ 20m/min Drive Model Double side servo + Gear Structure Square Pipe + Plate; HF welded     Control System Type Computer + Mitsubishi PLC + Modules Importing Software AUTOCAD (*.dxf), TEKLA, X-STEEL (*.nc1, dstv) Manual Programming Available     Hydraulic System (for tool changing & side push aligning) Hydraulic Motor Power 5.5 kW System Inner Working Pressure 75 bar Flux 40 L/min. Hydraulic Tank Content 140 L Hydraulic oil N0. #68     Scraps Removal System Motor Power 1.5 kW Type Chain & Plate recycling moving type Speed 10/min No. of scraps removal system 2 sets     Machine overall info Dimension (L x W x H) L 17000mm x W 8600mm x H 4620mm Total Weight Around 60 Tons Total Power 57 kW        
    • No.8299,Jingshi Road Jinan
    • 8653155611277
    • 8653155611266
    Double-column band saws for cutting to length steel construction profiles. Ficep KATANA completes the portfolio of automatic lines for the steel construction industry in the band saws. KATANA can be supplied as a: stand-alone saw combined saw in line with the beam drilling units Main strenghts of the Katana saw:
    Sturdiness Technology Reliability STURDINESS The Katana frame is extremely sturdy and is made of electro-welded tubular steel with adequate stiffening ribs to eliminate torsion and provide stiffness, no vibrations, noiseless and precise cutting. The body rotates on a toothed wheel controlled by an encoder to carry out mitred cuts. In the bigger models the toothed wheel is complete with a sliding bearing. The arc is made of an electro-welded plate and moves on sliding prismatic guides. The arc supports the two flywheels to grant the band rotation. On one wheel there is the 3-phases motor equipped with an epicyclical gearbox unit to obtain all the possible speeds in accordance with the kind of material, deformation and band wearing. TECHNOLOGY The Katana band saws are equipped with all the devices which after many years of experience are considered essential to grant the best cutting result in steel construction: hydraulic blade tightening to tighten the band double blade-guides: the first guide is fixed on one side of the profile, and the other guide that is on the opposite side of the profile is mobile and its extension is hydraulically controlled. The blade-guides are equipped with a self-adjustable guiding system having hard steel plates to keep the band teeth always perpendicular to the cutting section powered brush synchronised with the blade to take off the swarf from the band teeth hydraulic vertical hold-downs that manually slide on prismatic guides blade lubricating/cooling system included in the working cycle two hydraulic independent vices to clamp the profile while being cut either at 90° and at mitred positions to ensure to be against the datum line position especially on mitred cuts devices for saw rotation through a powered mechanical toothed wheel with survey of the rotation mitre thanks to an encoder easy electronic systems that can be extended to manage completely automatic sawing lines (Katana-L)   RELIABILITY The Katana saws are mass-manufactured on the basis of forefront criteria. Each component is manufactured in the modern Ficep production units in Varese, the assembly instead, handled in certified subgroups, allows us to optimize the delivery to our final customers either if the saw will be combined with a drilling unit or instead a stand-alone machine. The electrical system is on board of the machine in an advantageous position from both functional and aesthetical point of view. The hydraulic system runs under a separate power pack. The body has been studied to contain all the cables on board in order to facilitate the after-sale maintenance. AUTOMATION Each Katana saw is realized as stand-alone saw but already designed to become an automatic sawing centre Katana-L. This means that automatic transfer tables can take care of loading and unloading. A dedicated Pegaso CNC can take care of automatic cycles coming from nesting packages optimizing scrap and productivity. Special unloading devices for trim cuts of any shape like the patented magnetic unloading option can make this saw line fully independent from operator presence.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123
    The modern structural steel buildings are made with profiles (beams, U-channels, angles, tubes) that are joined and bolted one to the other. Straight and mitred cuts are carried out with modern sawing systems, shaped cuts on profile edges or on web and flanges, instead have always been a problem. Now the new Ficep FLEX thermal coping robot can manage these processes easily. The Ficep robotic coper allows the torch to move and orientate (using plasma or oxyfuel cutting). It is also possible to carry out coping of programmed shapes previously stored in the CNC library. With the new revolutionary automatic tool changer the change from oxy to plasma cutting has been reduced to minimum.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123
    Fully automatic machines for versatile application Fast, precise execution of series cuts. Makes for optimum efficiency in every field of metalworking.
    • Maschinenfabrik und Eisengie├čerei Industriestra├če 23 Kirchardt
    • +49 72662070
    • +49 72 66207500
    The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats! The extensive Ficep angle line product line offers the following capabilities: Punching Drilling Shearing Notching Marking The A series of the Ficep angle line have been created for small and medium steel construction companies. These machines provide flexibility and simple ease of use. They can be utilised by customers who do not have specialised staff and where production lots are short and diverse. The machines can be configured according to customer requirements. Series A, strength and innovative technology for top level products.
    The punch and shear lines in the A series are characterised by an innovative roller conveyor system for material input. The operator only has to manually feed the angle onto the conveyor rollers, and then the machine automatically conveys and positions the piece according to its size.
    The roller system allows precision with a minimum loss of material therefore reducing cost. The A range comes with various sizes to cover all the most common sizes of angles used in steel construction. The lines of the A series are very flexible and easy to configure according to the customerÂ’s requirements.
    The basic machine can be configured with options of: 1/2/3 diameters per flange. written marks programmed by the CNC supplementary press unit for housing supplementary rapid change tools for notching, marking, or double punch operations. Each diameter is managed by the CNC on an infinite number of surface types. Each punch is housed in a special rapid-change holder
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123
    Vernet Behringer (France) Angle Beamline, Punch, Stamp, Shear for Tower Manufacture & Processing Angles Ultra Fast How ideal would it be to have an automation option as follows: Vernet Behringer experience in angle punching from 1882 Modular machine with marking, punching, drilling, notching, shearing, sawing and heel milling combinations for angles from 30 x 3 mm to 350 x 40 mm Fastest angle machine on the market Can punch holes in 0.5 seconds Shear angle profiles in 1 second Angle processing in ^ position Superior productivity/running costs ratio for short punches: rigid and price effective Tower manufactures angle line preferred supplier Lowest cost per part for tower manufacturing Highest capacity per machine for tower manufacturing
    What it Does Q1. How will the Vernet-Behringer VP-X Angle Beam Line grow my business?
    A1. Extend your availability and realise financial gains without increasing labour requirements or footprint from investing in another machine, such as a coping robot. Instead of up-skilling your labour, up-skill your automation to remove man hours from your fabrication process.   Eliminate the concern of where to put all of this added functionality; it is now in a single machine that will be utilised for tasks previously done manually, on a coping robot or beamline.
    Q2. What makes the Vernet-Behringer better than my known choice for a CNC angle line for tower manufacture?
    A2.  Modular machine with marking, punching, drilling, notching, shearing, sawing and heel milling combinations for angles from 30 x 3 mm to 350 x 40 mm
    Q3. Why do punches last longer and cost less than other angle machines punching consumables?
    A3. Unique design on the market for angle processing in ^ position (toe of angle down), offering the best productivity/running costs ratio for short punches: rigid and price effective.
    How it Works Bringing this capability into your workshop does more than simply increase output at a lower cost. It does it to such exceptional effect that it will place your business head and shoulders above your peers. Modular machine with marking, punching, drilling, notching, shearing, sawing and heel milling combinations for angles from 30 x 3 mm to 350 x 40 mm.    - VP-X Angle line can punch or drill or a combination of both  - Unique design on the market for angle processing in ^ position, offering the best productivity/running costs ratio  - Use of short punches: rigid and price effective  - Excellent ergonomics for quick tool changing  - Latest hydraulic technology and design to increasing punching and shearing times up to 40%  - Designed and manufactured for rough & tough working environments  - Top reliability  - Adaptation for low/high temperatures  - Heavy Duty conveyors  - Reduced maintenance with easy access  - User-friendly software suite for easy part import and programming with 3D display.
    1. VP-X Brochure 2. Who We Are Presentation PDF 3. VP-X & VP-2X Presentation PDF 4. VB Steel Fab Presentation PDF 5. Vernet Behringer VP-2X Presentation PDF 6. Partners 4 Steel Brochure PDF 7. Vernet Behringer Brochure PDF 8. SMS Metalworking Machinery Capabilities & Brochure
    Profit & Proof What would your tendering look like if your business were faster in fabrication?  Would you make more money or win more work?
    Ask us to demonstrate why Vernet Behringer have the best angle machine on the market for tower manufacturers.
    Increases: Utilisation, capacity and availability as well as demonstrated flexibility with accompanying growth in margin. 
    Reduces: Man hours and cost per ton to process and fabricate.
    Ensuring correct selection of any new asset is crucial, for both efficient use of capital and relevance of the automation process. SMS will work with you to apply the necessary metrics that will highlight what improvements can be made as well as how to achieve them. Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Vernet-Behringer structural steel beam line. The SMS Flexibility Study will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

    Click the case studies to see the positive gains your competitors are making: 
    1. Avoid suffering from buying the wrong Beam Line 2. Get Metal Work and Keep It 3. How Does Your Business Select the Correct Machine 4. How Do I Recognise Good Advice for my Business?   Ask to see time studies and software demonstrations today.     
    • - Sidney
    • 61 08 61605963
    • +61 08 61605963