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    Model /Type Power Max 30 Power Max 45 Power Max 1250 Power Max 1650
    • Jalan Madu No.7A Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat
    • +62 21 62320041
    • +62 21 62320043


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    Multitalented for heavy weights Their flexibility and high performance make BEHRINGER tabletop machines the ideal solution for the medium ton range.
    • Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei Industriestraße 23 Kirchardt
    • +49 72662070
    • +49 72 66207500


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    This heavy-duty, water-cooled plasma cutting and gouging system provides the perfect solution for production cutting and plasma gouging. The ESP 150 can cut up to 51 mm manually and can sever 63 mm, using either an Ar/H2 mixture or compressed air. Gas options for higher quality cuts, especially on aluminium and stainless, resulting in lower total operating costs – the PT 26 torch cuts with nitrogen or argon-hydrogen mixtures; choice of carbon dioxide, air, nitrogen or oxygen for torch cooling.
    • Jl Pulogadung 45 Kaw Industri Pulogadung Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur
    • +62 21 4600188
    • +62 21 4612929


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    Australia's Number 1 Plasma / Oxy Cutting Machine with Drilling & Extra Machining Capacity. Drill 22mm Diameter Drills into High Tensile Plate in Seconds for Mining Applications
    Delivering materials to your client meaning they are not only satisfied because of quality and cost, they also have faith in the sustainability of the work: produced on a Profile Cutting Systems (PCS) machine. For a step in change in mass, demanded by high tensile steels, a more robust methodology is required. Fabricators and Steel Service Centres can close the gap in steel processing when investing in a the PCS-MHB multi purpose machine that can do it all.  Compare the cost per part to have different machine set ups and operators to plasma or oxy cut, drill, tap, bevel, countersink, automatic stud welding or boring and part marking for identification.  Specialist Machinery Sales clients that are using these machines increase their capacity, improve schedule and cost that has transformed profit profiles.  
    What it Does Q1. How does the PCS plasma-cutting machine grow my business?
    A1. Let me describe an unfair equation: you have made more space in your workshop and you have reduced your man hours, you have increased your scope of capability and high volume capacity with reduced cost per part and growing margins.
    Q2. What makes the PCS plasma-cutting machine more valuable to my business than a laser-cutting machine?
    A2. Recognising the versatility of your assets and how to deploy them is a winning strategy. Conversely others have experienced a reduction of 30% on revenue with a similar impact on their competitiveness.
    Q3. How does PCS deliver efficiency and improvements?
    A3. Retaining the scope of your contract and the accompanying economic benefits has a direct impact on a number of things. Consider your reputational credibility when you are driving the project schedule.  Review the case studies and white papers from the profit and proof tab to learn how PCS can deliver similar efficiencies to you.
    How it Works The variety of tasks, that every fabricator has traditionally relied upon manual labour to carry out, can now be automated on a Profile Cutting System CNC plasma cutting machine with drilling and extra machining capacity. This can be fully automated to capacity increase, schedule and cost can be improved so your business can win more and do more. Extensive testing, proving and delivery in all aspects, over a number of years in fabricators and steel service centres workshops, has built a diverse specification to meet your business performance outcomes and provide the competitive edge from automating and using a PCS plasma cutting machine.
    1. Plasma Cutting Table Specification Matching Performance Outcomes 2. Plasma Cutting Machinery Specification Matching Performance Outcomes 3. HPR130XD 4. HPR260XD 5. HPR400XD 6. HPR800XD 7. HPRXD FAMILY 8. ProNest Data Sheet 9. TrueBevel FOR HPRXD SYSTEMS 10. PCS Plasma Bevel Flyer 11. PCS Company Profile Flyer 12. SMS Metalworking Machinery Capabilities & Brochure
    Profit & Proof Click the case studies to see the positive gains your competitors are making:  1. A guide to specifying a wet or dry plasma cutting table 2. A guide to specifying the correct coolant delivery systems for a plasma cutting and drilling machine with extra machining capacity 3. Avoid costly mistakes that affect bid win drilling contracts and ROI 4. Avoid the deadly sins when using a boutique machine tool builders home brand nesting and programming software 5. Best practices for attracting NEW customers to your laser cutting business 6. Clear and unbiased facts about a CNC controller for a plasma cutting  machine with drilling and extra machining capacity 7. Discover the secrets as to why the market is trending away from automatic percussion marking and moving back to paint marking 8. Guaranteed no stress strategy for selecting plasma cutting nesting software 9. Guaranteed ways to avoid buying the wrong plasma cutting machine with drilling and extra machining capacity 10. Guaranteed ways to ensure your strategy to invest in a plasma  machine will close the gap the investment was intended to meet 11. How to dominate your niche with the best quality, schedule and cost when deploying this coolant delivery system for drilling 12. Secrets to increasing capacity and schedule to complete tasks quickly and efficiently 13. The best practices to ensure the plasma cutting machine specification meet performance outcomes and provides competitive advantage 14. Worth fighting for, a plasma cutting machine tool builder with cost effective remote diagnostic support 15. You are not alone in specifying a CNC controller and PLC that has built in redundancy 16. Your most burning questions answered about a wet or dry plasma cutting table when drilling and extra machining capacity is required 17. Get Metal Work and Keep It 18. How Does Your Business Select the Correct Machine 19. How Do I Recognise Good Advice for my Business?

    Ask to see time studies and software demonstrations today.     
    • - Sidney
    • 61 08 61605963
    • +61 08 61605963


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    Main Applications : Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminum Brass, Silver, Copper Zirconium alloy steel, etc Advantageous : IGBT Inverter technology, with HF ignition Sharp and fine cutting with no dross Stepless and adjustable cutting current 2 stroke and 4 stroke cutting mode Cooling for power components by air channel Thermal overload protection
    • Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 141 Blok II No. C 4-5 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • +62 21 6008460
    • +62 21 6244405


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    Double-column band saws for cutting to length steel construction profiles. Ficep KATANA completes the portfolio of automatic lines for the steel construction industry in the band saws. KATANA can be supplied as a: stand-alone saw combined saw in line with the beam drilling units Main strenghts of the Katana saw:
    Sturdiness Technology Reliability STURDINESS The Katana frame is extremely sturdy and is made of electro-welded tubular steel with adequate stiffening ribs to eliminate torsion and provide stiffness, no vibrations, noiseless and precise cutting. The body rotates on a toothed wheel controlled by an encoder to carry out mitred cuts. In the bigger models the toothed wheel is complete with a sliding bearing. The arc is made of an electro-welded plate and moves on sliding prismatic guides. The arc supports the two flywheels to grant the band rotation. On one wheel there is the 3-phases motor equipped with an epicyclical gearbox unit to obtain all the possible speeds in accordance with the kind of material, deformation and band wearing. TECHNOLOGY The Katana band saws are equipped with all the devices which after many years of experience are considered essential to grant the best cutting result in steel construction: hydraulic blade tightening to tighten the band double blade-guides: the first guide is fixed on one side of the profile, and the other guide that is on the opposite side of the profile is mobile and its extension is hydraulically controlled. The blade-guides are equipped with a self-adjustable guiding system having hard steel plates to keep the band teeth always perpendicular to the cutting section powered brush synchronised with the blade to take off the swarf from the band teeth hydraulic vertical hold-downs that manually slide on prismatic guides blade lubricating/cooling system included in the working cycle two hydraulic independent vices to clamp the profile while being cut either at 90° and at mitred positions to ensure to be against the datum line position especially on mitred cuts devices for saw rotation through a powered mechanical toothed wheel with survey of the rotation mitre thanks to an encoder easy electronic systems that can be extended to manage completely automatic sawing lines (Katana-L)   RELIABILITY The Katana saws are mass-manufactured on the basis of forefront criteria. Each component is manufactured in the modern Ficep production units in Varese, the assembly instead, handled in certified subgroups, allows us to optimize the delivery to our final customers either if the saw will be combined with a drilling unit or instead a stand-alone machine. The electrical system is on board of the machine in an advantageous position from both functional and aesthetical point of view. The hydraulic system runs under a separate power pack. The body has been studied to contain all the cables on board in order to facilitate the after-sale maintenance. AUTOMATION Each Katana saw is realized as stand-alone saw but already designed to become an automatic sawing centre Katana-L. This means that automatic transfer tables can take care of loading and unloading. A dedicated Pegaso CNC can take care of automatic cycles coming from nesting packages optimizing scrap and productivity. Special unloading devices for trim cuts of any shape like the patented magnetic unloading option can make this saw line fully independent from operator presence.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123


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    Oxy cutting coping robot beamline for all steel profiles for maximum productivity & schedule improvement
    • - Sidney
    • 61 08 61605963
    • +61 08 61605963


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    Shears Durma memberikan GARANSI 2 TAHUN. Telah diproduksi sejak 1956 dan telah diinstalasi di berbagai industri. Pengalaman menangani konsumen telah membantu kami menciptakan pengembangan shears yang tahan lama, minim distorsi dan presisi.
    • Jl. Margonda Raya Perkantoran ITC Depok Ruko No 35 Kota Depok
    • 02185547845
    • 02177215084


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    Product Specification High Rigidity and Low Maintenance Expert Linear guide Patented technology that offer extended wear & tear Broad Compatibility offers greater component choices  Adaptable with Plasma & Oxy-gas operation Economically efficient with High Performance
    • Jalan Madu No.7A Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat
    • +62 21 62320041
    • +62 21 62320043


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    Multiple-use application Fives has long been specialized in the design of milling machines. Following on from this activity, Fives has developed fettling and cubing machines dedicated to the cubing of foundry parts from medium to large series, as well as several applications: sawing machine for carbon and graphite anodes. Fettling and cubing machines are designed for easy maintenance and to operate in foundries’ special environment. Relying on highly-skilled engineering teams, Fives can adapt the design to specific needs. The machine is completely protected and covered to comply with environmental and safety standards.
    • DEA Tower 3rd Floor Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan
    • +62 21 5762660
    • +62 21 5762661