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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • 62216696061
    • 62216682176


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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • 62216696061
    • 62216682176


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    Simple setting to get precise angle Emergency stopfor safety precaution
    • Kawan Lama Building, Jl. Puri Kencana No.1 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat
    • +62 21 5828282
    • +62 21 5820088

    • Jl. Berbek Industri I/21 (PT. SIER) Sidoarjo Kab. Sidoarjo
    • +62 31 8482999
    • +62 31 8432199


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    Advantageous : For Busbar 120 x 12 mm
    With a universal work cylinder it is possible to easily bend busbar 120 x 12 mm and by inserting a punch it is possible to make round holes from 6.6 to 21.5 mm, also oval holes up to 21.5 mm     Bending Busbars Operating Suggestion For bending operation, the bending die is inserted into the hydraulic piston and the electric angle reader is set into the round guide groove of the counter block The contact cable is connected to the electric  motor  Adjust the required angle with the set screw. We recommend to adjust 1º to 3º above the required angle as cooper springs back The first bending angle produced should be carefully checked. This bending angle can be reproduced as often as required because the bending process is interrupted by the electric contact switch as soon as the angle has been reached   Punching Busbars Operating Suggestion
    The punch with the Neoprene stripper and a suitable die are inserted in the mounting hole The punch is held by headless screw on the side  The machining block can be continuously raised or lowered hydraulically using the hand-wheel in accordance with the busbar width and the required hole layout A counter fixed on the hand-wheel indicates the height of the hole centre in mm We recommend marking the busbar with subsequent adjusting of the center pin to these marks, which given an exact hole picture The Neoprene stripper and a built-in electric sensor assure an automatic return of the punch
    • Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 141 Blok II No. C 4-5 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • +62 21 6008460
    • +62 21 6244405


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    Mechanical Three Rollers Symmetrical Bending Machine    Model W11-20x3200   ☆ Usage:    Three Rollers Bending Machine is mainly used for bending plate sheet metals, can be processed plate sheet into a variety of workpieces with Cylindrical, arcs, and a range of Cylindrical cone shape.   ☆ Technical Specifications:   No. Specifications Model W11-20x3200 1 Max. Bending Plate Thickness 20mm 2 Max. Bending Plate Width 3200mm 3 Min. Rolling Diameter at Full Load Φ1000mm 4 Yield Limit of Plate ≤245 MPa 5 Top Roller’s Diameter Φ370mm 6 Bottom Rollers’ Diameter Φ270mm 7 Center Distance Between Two Bottom Rollers 480mm 8 Supporting Roller One Group (4pcs) 9 Main Transmission Motor Power 22 kw   ☆ Machine Structure   The machine's two bottom rollers are driving rollers, the rotation is achieved by the motor driven reducer rotation; Top roller is driven roller, the rotation is achieved by the drive of friction between plate and every rollers. Through friction movement of bottom rollers to achieve rolling, when discharging, overturned device manually controls overturned and erected. Top roller's lifting and two bottom rollers rotation are mechanically driven. Shaft nose of the Rollers two ends is SF-2 composite sliding bearing. The bending machine's electrical system is centralized controlled, its structure is simple, reliable, compact, light weight, smooth operation, low noise, and it is very convenient to process workpieces.   The machine is composed of working unit, the main transmission unit, top roller’s lifting unit, electrical control unit and others.Should Your Excellency need more information for other Models, please send us your inquiry. We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory at any time. No wait, please order now! Skype: susancql Mobile: 0086-15954782100 (What'sapp) GTalk: jnfastcnc@gmail.com E-mail: chengsusan2004@hotmail.com;             perfectcm@hotmail.com; Website: www.perfectcm.com   Thanks and Best Regards,   Ms. Susan Marketing director JINAN PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD

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    Country Of Origin : Japan
    Type : Toyo R 32
    Specification :
    Diamater R : 32 mm
    Weight : 1000 Kg
    • LIPPO KARAWACI OFFICE PARK Blok Futuris No.16 Karawaci Tangerang Kota Tangerang


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    CNC Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine   Our main products are CNC Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, CNC Punching Machine, Shearing Machine, press brakes, bending machine, Straightening Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, C and Z roll forming machine, CNC angle line for marking, shearing and punching; CNC hydraulic plate punching and drilling machine; CNC beam drilling machine; CNC gantry type drilling machine; High speed CNC drilling machine for tube sheet; CNC drilling machine for tube sheet; CNC angle punching and marking machine; CNC angle drilling and marking machine; CNC flange drilling machine; Shearing machine; Band sawing machine; Beveling machine, straightening machine, hydraulic marking machine, hydraulic press and so on.   Sincerely Welcome customers in and out China to visit our company for business and investment,   Skype:            susancql   What'sapp:    0086-15954782100  (Mobile) GTalk:            jnfastcnc@gmail.com Email:             perfectcm@hotmail.com Website:        http://www.perfectcm.com MSN:              chengsusan2004@hotmail.com   Thanks&Best Regards, JINAN PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD

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    PBM-B1 is designed to bend a large pipe with adjustable bending angle (up to 90 degree). Featuring a panel design that supports this machine to work automatically, PBM-B1 can deliver ± 510 pipes/hours for its production capacity. Specification: Type: PBM-B1 Number of Pipe (pcs): 1 Diameter (mm): 20 Capacity / hour: 510 Driver: Electric Motor + Hydraulic Power: 2500 Watt, 3-Phase Customized: Yes For more information, please visit our website: www.bluespotmachine.com, or email us at: sales@bluespotmachine.com Follow us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Niaga-Workshop/165226506875835  
    • Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro Selatan 2 Kab. Tulungagung


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    The TH profile bending machine represents the best solution for cold bending of any kind of profile on the market as well as pipes and tubes. The TH models are designed to work in the vertical shaft axis orientation. They are suitable to bend profiles of medium and large size. The machine is equipped with 3 driven rolls in rotation, 2 of which are fixed and the third reciprocates in order to do the bending tack. This results in the best drag of the profile during bending. All the movements are hydraulic. The TH profile bending machine is built from high strength steel plate precision cut and welded. It is stress relieved, sand blasted and CNC machined to exacting tolerances. All this care in manufacturing the machines results in their superior performance of producing accurate and close tolerance parts.