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    Mesin Microfinishing   Kategori Aplikasi: Crankshaft Microfinishing Camshaft Microfinishing Compressor Shaft Microfinishing Eccentric Shaft   GBQ Technology Kolaborasi Teknis dengan IMPCO USA menawarkan microfinishing dengan teknologi GBQ, satu-satunya proses yang secara dramatis dan konsisten mengoptimalkan karakteristik berikut: Surface Finish Geometry Size Tolerance Grind Master merupakan produsen mesin yang memberikan teknologi canggih dan telah menyuplai lebih dari 100 mesin kepada perusahaan otomotif terkemuka (OEM) di India dan China.   Untuk informasi lebih lanjut Hubungi 0812.8620.2620 atau email: adenar@accord-corp.com
    • Jl Cempedak No.106 Kota Depok
    OPTIONAL SYSTEMS: In-Process Gauge, Flagging Device, Automatic Wheel Balancing System, Gap & Crash Control System AUTOMATION / COMPONENT HANDLING OPTIONS: Robotic pick and place loading system or Auto loader Gantry HIGHLIGHTS: SWIFT - HD CNC Cylindrical Grinders are new generation 'state-of-art technology' machines with high power and very high Material Removal Rate (MRR). Machine can accommodate heavy duty & extra large grinding wheel with width up to 160 mm. These machines are designed to suit heavy grinding load applications and offer a cost effective solution for external grinding. FEATURES : Grinding wheel width upto 160 mm permits Multi-diameter grinding at a time leading to higher productivity Simultaneous control of 2 axes and 1 spindle (work head) through CNC Heavy duty Cartridge type grinding wheel spindle operating at 45 m/sec cutting speed and with precision Anti-friction bearings
    • I.T.I. Kubernagar Road, Naroda Naroda
    Features The new generation CNC angular cylindrical grinding machine GAH CNC Series (Heavy-Duty) by PARAGON is especially designed for high-speed grinding, offering greater capabilities than the GA CNC Series. This innovative designed machine with optimal and sturdy components can provide long service life and less down time, will bring you a new grinding experience. X-axis and Z-axis greater span of guideways afford larger load capacity than GA CNC Series. Time-saving and high efficiency in cycle and setup. The machine can accommodate an extra large grinding wheel with 610 mm diameter and 160 mm width which can complete multi-steps machining at one time, greatly shortening operation time and assuring high rigidity and precision. Larger grinding wheel spindle. (∮115x741mm) Z-Axis class C1 ballscrew is temperature controlled by circulating coolant achieving minimum thermal displacement effect and greater accuracy. Rigid and precise hydrostatic-hydrodynamic hybrid bearings on angular wheelhead.
    • No.2, Lane 63, Sec. 2, Tanxing Rd., Tanzi Tanzi
    • North America Headquarters 563 Commerce Street Franklin Lakes Other
    The eSX 150 optical machining center have 5 controllable axes: X,Y,Z, B & C with up to 5 axes of simultaneous movement. The powerful Fagor 8070 CNC with user-friendly set up and run programs make the eSX 150 an excellent choice for prototype to production manufacturing of precision optics. Additional features include automatic tool and work piece probes, twin spindles, automatic tool changers, mist removal, and more. OptiPro Systems' eSX Series is a full 5-Axis CNC lens grinding platform. This platform implements the latest in CNC technology and state-of-the-art motion control components and positioning systems for grinding precision optics.The rigid cast iron construction provides a stable base for a robust process and ensures the generation of optimal surface quality during grinding. OptiPro's easy-to-use graphical user interface is essential for fast setups and provides powerful tools for the operator or optician. The large work envelope and generous axes travels entertains a wide range of work sizes and fixturing configurations.Spheres, aspheres, cylinders and prisms are easily setup on the eSX platform with on board and offline programming.Automated tool and work piece probes aide in the setup and process monitoring. A variety of quick change high speed tool spindle configurations optimize this platform for your specific fabrication requirements. The robust work spindle, with ½ micron runout, also incorporates a positioning axis for precision truncations and beveling operations. The eSX platform is the cost effective solution for grinding precision optics.
    • 6368 Dean Parkway, Ontario Ontario
    Features 1. Roller Bearing Series (B Series) Regulating Wheel Spindle Bearings NN Roller Bearing Series (B Series) The innovative advanced regulating wheel spindle does not require a flange and utilizes angular contact bearings and NN roller bearings with double supports that firmly maintain spindle super precision rotation and rigidity. 2.Alloy Bearing Series (Economical) Fine hand scraped hydrodynamic bearings made of steel and phosphor bronze alloy with oil lubrication, firmly maintains grinding spindle high precision rotation and rigidity to stand heavy duty grinding in minimum gap.
    • No.2, Lane 63, Sec. 2, Tanxing Rd., Tanzi Tanzi
    • 178, Kadachala, Halol 389 350 Dist. Panchmahal Panchmahal
    • Cikarang Square Blok B No. 3 Kab. Bekasi
    • Cikarang Square Blok B No. 3 Kab. Bekasi
    • Jl. Bandengan Utara No. 83/31 Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara