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    PLATFORM PALLET TRUCKS PLATFORM PALLET TRUCKS FOR DEMANDING WAREHOUSE AND LOADING OPERATIONS Hyster AP2.0MS features a powerful AC motor that provides excellent performance and reliable proven components. Delivering a low cost of operation, these robust Hyster platform pallet trucks can optimise vehicle loading and unloading operations and boost pallet transportation rates over short or long distances. Hyster Platform Pallet Truck Highlights: The Hyster platform pallet truck has a compact and robust chassis offering fast acceleration, 8km/h dual speed operation. Welded fork construction makes the Hyster platform pallet truck range highly resistant to torsion Providing superior performance, the low maintenance AC motor helps to reduce the cost of operation Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) enables the selection of appropriate performance settings to suit the most challenging applications. To help reduce the cost of ownership the power transmission,  is supplied with Helicoidal gears which run in an oil bath, helping  to reduce wear and tear, adherence to IP54 standards help to protect against dust and water Maintenance requirements are minimised, reducing the associated costs and downtime. There is a diagnostic system for preventative maintenance communication.  The lift motor construction ensures low maintenance requirements.  CANbus technology offers enhanced functionality and reliability The AP2.0MS platform pallet truck is suited to medium duty applications and features mechanical steering - See more at: http://www.hyster.com/pacific/en-au/product-range/product-overview/pallet-trucks/platform-pallet-trucks/
    • Berlian 88, Blok Alexandrite Biz Estate No.77, Jl Raya diklat pemda No.88 Kp.Dukuh Pinang Kab. Tangerang
    • +62 21 2987 1377
    • +62 21 2987 1381


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    • Jl Musi No 5B Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • +62 21 351 0555
    • +62 21 351 8448


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    Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common type of forklift truck, and the type most people instinctively think of when thinking of forklifts. On counterbalance trucks, the forks protrude from the front of the machine, with no outrigging legs or arms, meaning the truck can be driven up to the exact location of the load or racking. This means that no reach facility is required, and lends itself to straightforward operation.   Counterbalance machines are available as electric, gas or diesel powered. Many have sideshifts, a mast tilt facility, and often driver cabs. As the name suggests, counterbalance trucks operate a counterbalance weight design, with a weight at the rear of the truck off-setting the load to be lifted at the front. Electric counterbalance machines are able to operate with a smaller counterweight as the battery serves as ballast as well as a source of power.
    • Jl. Mastrip IX / 7 Kota Surabaya
    • +62 31 8433880
    • +62 31 8411371


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    Model                      :  D85ESS-2 Operating Weight       :  19.190 kg
    • Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Km.4 Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • +62 21 4400611
    • +62 21 4400616

    • Jl. Raya Gresik Lamongan KM 12,5 Kab. Gresik
    • +62 31 3903888
    • +62 31 3903388


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    • JL. RAYA PONDOK GEDE NO.8 Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur
    • +62218403639
    • +62218406809


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    Bukaka Stone Crusher is one of the PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama products provided as stone crushing equipment. Stone Crushing Plant is created to answer the needs of the supply of crushed stone continues to increase, along with infrastructure development in Indonesia  This unit is designed to produce high economic value, because PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama has prepared a crushing plant with the capacity of the unit standard.  PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama also produces Crushing Plant to use other types of rock, such as coal, limestone, dolomite, bentonite, and so forth. The whole is made with customized design capacity and customer requirements (customer). In anticipation transportation difficulties, other types of fixed (stationery), Bukaka Stone Crushing Unit also provides the type of mobile
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Narogong Km. 19,5 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8232323
    • +62 21 8231150


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    • Berlian 88, Blok Alexandrite Biz Estate No.77, Jl Raya diklat pemda No.88 Kp.Dukuh Pinang Kab. Tangerang
    • +62 21 2987 1377
    • +62 21 2987 1381


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    Jasa Pengaspalan Jalan Raya
    • Jl. Percetakan Negara II Maisonette Blok A-12 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • 081366903100
    • 081366903100

  • EXCAVA 200

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    Excava 200 merupakan produk alat berat pertama produksi PT Pindad yang merupakan hasil transformasi kompetensi produk hankam, yaitu kompetensi sistem hydraulic pada kendaraaan khusus jenis recovery dan kompetensi roda rantai. Excava 200 memiliki kemampuan angkut beban hingga 20 Ton.
    • Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto No.517 Kota Bandung
    • +62 22 7304090
    • +62 22 7301222