B ( Ferro-boron )


         Boron is never found in the elemental form in nature. It was first obtained by Moissan in 1895 by reduction of boric anhydride (B2O3) with magnesium in a thermite-type reaction (Moissan, Ann. Chim Phys 7:6, 296, 1895). This is still used for obtaining large quantities of impure boron. Highly purified crystalline boron is obtained by vapor phase reduction of the compound boron trichloride with hydrogen on electrically heated filaments in a flow system (Stern, Lynds, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 105, 676. 1958).

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Borum ,Bor, Bore, Bor - r , Bóro, Бор

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Overview of Boron
Atomic Number 5
Group 13
Period 2
Series Metalloids (Nonmetal)
Atomic Mass Average:  10.811
Boiling Point 4275K 4002°C 7236°F
Melting Point 2573K 2300°C 4172°F
Discoverer:  Known to ancient civilization
Discovery Location:  Unknown
Discovery Year 1808
Name Origin From borax and carbon.


    Used with titanium and tungsten to make light weight heat resistant alloys. Also tennis rackets, regulators in nuclear plants, heat resistant glass and eye disinfectant.

Bahan Baku

Ferro Boron is an alloy made from Boron and Iron,which is used to metallurgical industry as additive for Boron.Ferro Boron can improve steel's quenching degrec and mechanical behavior obviously.Inhigh-quality alloy steel Boron takes the place of Chromium,Molybdenum and Nickel,and doesn'teffect the mechanical behavior.Cast Iron added 0.05%Boron can improve its wear resistance.Recent applications include the manufacture of Neody mium Iron Boron magnets and incorporation into amorphous metal materials for transformer cores.

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