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Ce ( Cerium )


      Cerium tarnishes in air and reacts rapidly with water, especially when hot. It burns when heated. It is attacked by alkali solutions and all acids. The pure metal is likely to ignite when scratched with a knife.      Cerium is interesting because of its variable electronic structure. The energy of the inner 4f level is nearly the same as that of the 6s level, and this gives rise to variable occupancy of these two levels and subsequent variable oxidation states.

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Cerium, Cer, Cerij, Cer - r, Cerio, Cerium, Церий, 

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Overview of Cerium Atomic Number 58 Period 6 Series Lanthanides Relative Atomic Mass (12C=12.000)  140.12 Boiling Point:  3699K 3426°C 6199°F Melting Point:  1071K 798°C 1468°F Density/kg m-3  6773 (298K) Ground State Electron Configuration  [Xe]4f15d16s2 Electron Affinity(M-M-)/kJ mol-1  -50 Discoverer W. von Hisinger, J.J. Berzelius Discovery Location Vestmanland Sweden Discovery Year 1803 Name Origin From the asteroid Ceres discovered in 1801.


     Cerium is the major component of mischmetall alloy (just under 50%), which is used extensively in the manufacture of pyrophoric alloys for products such as cigarette lighters. Cerium(Ill) oxide is used as a catalyst in self-cleaning ovens, incorporated into oven walls to prevent the build-up of cooking residues. It is also a promising new petroleum-cracking catalyst.

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Cerium is a chemical element with symbol Ce and atomic number 58. It is a soft, silvery, ductile metal which easily oxidizes in air. Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earth elements, making up about 0.0046% of the Earth's crust by weight. It is found in a number of minerals, the most important being monazite and bastnasite.

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    Cerium, atomic no. 57, symbol Ce, weight at 140.12, is the most abundant of the rare earths. It is strongly acidic and a strong oxidizer. In glass industry, it is considered to be the most efficient glass polishing agent for precision optical polishing. It is also used to decolorize glass by keeping iron in its ferrous state. Cerium is also used in a variety of ceramics, including dental compositions and as a phase stabilizer in zirconia-based products. In catalytic converters Cerium acts as a stabilizer for the high surface area alumina, as a promoter of the water-gas shift reaction, and as an oxygen storage component. It is used in FCC catalysts containing zeolites to provide both catalytic reactivity in the reactor and thermal stability in the regenerator. In steel manufacturing, it is used to remove free oxygen and sulfur.