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Eu ( Europium )


     Europium is the costliest and one of the rarest of the lanthanides. It is as soft as lead and ductile, and is the most reactive of the lanthanide metals, reacting rapidly with water and air.

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 Europium, Europij, Europium - s, Europio, Европий, 

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Overview of Europium
Atomic Number 63
Period 6
Series Lanthanides
Relative Atomic Mass (12C=12.000)  151.97
Boiling Point 1870K 1597°C 2907°F
Melting Point 1095K 822°C 1512°F
Density/kg m-3  5243 (293K)
Ground State Electron Configuration  [Xe]4f76s2
Electron Affinity(M-M-)/kJ mol-1  -50
Discoverer E.A. Demaraçy
Discovery Location Paris, France
Discovery Year 1901
Name Origin Europium's Name in Other Languages


     Used with yttrium oxide to make red phosphors for color televisions. Also used in making thin-film superconductor alloys.

Bahan Baku

Europium is a chemical element with the symbol Eu and atomic number 63. It is a moderately hard, silvery metal which readily oxidizes in air and water.

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