Os ( Osmium )

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       Osmium metal is unaffected by air, water and acids, but reacts with molten alkalis. The powdered metal slowly gives off osmium(VIII) oxide, the source of its pungent odour.

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Osmium, Osmij, Osmium - s, Osmio, Осмий, 

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Osmium's Name in Other Languages
Atomic Number 76
Group 8
Period 6
Series Transition Metals
Relative Atomic Mass (12C=12.000)  190.2
Boiling Point 5285K 5012°C 9054°F
Melting Point 3300K 3027°C 5481°F
Density/kg m-3  22590 (293K)
Ground State Electron Configuration  [Xe]4f145d66s2
Electron Affinity(M-M-)/kJ mol-1  -139
Discoverer discovered by S. Tennant in 1803 in 
Discovery Location London.
Discovery Year 1803
Name Origin Greek: osmê (odor).


       Used to tip gold pen points, instrument pivots (such as compass needles and clock bearings), to make electric light filaments. Used for high temperature alloys and pressure bearings.

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Osmium (from Greek osme (ὀσμή) meaning "smell") is a chemical element with the symbol Os and atomic number 76. It is a hard, brittle, bluish-white transition metal in the platinum family and is the densest naturally occurring element, with a density of 22.59 g/cm3. It is found in nature as an alloy, mostly in platinum ores; its alloys with platinum, iridium, and other platinum group metals are employed in fountain pen tips, electrical contacts, and other applications where extreme durability and hardness are needed.

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