Foundry Grade Pig Iron

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       pig iron produced in blast furnaces, with most of its carbon in the form of free graphite and containing up to 3.75 percent silicon. Used in the production of castings in the foundry industry. Coke, charcoal, and alloy pig irons are produced.

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Foundry Grade Pig Iron

Spesifikasi Produk

Foundry Grade   Element  Specification Limits Carbon  3.50-4.50% Silicon  1.50-3.00% Manganese  0.50-1.00% Phosphorus  0.10% max. Sulphur  0.05% max.


Used in the production of castings in the foundry industry

Bahan Baku

Foundry and Basic (or steel-making) Grade Pig Irons are some of the principal charge materials for the production of gray iron. These pig irons come with certified analysis, consistent and uniform shape, and good recovery of carbon and silicon. Pig iron has a lower melting point than that of steel scrap.

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