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     A semi-finished long product of greater than 150 mm square or rectangular cross-section. Blooms can be produced by continuous casting or by rolling from ingot. Continuously cast rounds of 300mm diameter or greater are also referred to as blooms

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Rectangular Bloom

Spesifikasi Produk

Blooms are similar to billets except the cross-sectional area is greater than 36 sq in (230 cm2). Blooms are usually further processed via rotary piercing, structural shape rolling and profile rolling. Common final products include structural shapes, rails, rods, and seamless pipes.


H beam 

I beam

Sheet Filing

Bahan Baku


Iron ore + coke + Limestone



Continues Casting

Roling From Ingot

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Produk terkait

    Blooms are hot-rolled or forged from an ingot or strand cast. They usually have a square cross section exceeding 36 square inches. They are mainly used in the manufacture of ‘long’ products such as structural shapes, structural profiles, building beams, rails and columns. 
    • York House, 8th Floor, Empire Way Middlesex

    Product Type Length Height (mm) Width (mm) Billet 3.9 metres - 12 metres 120 120 Billet 3.9 metres - 12 metres 150 150 Blooms 3.9 metres - 12 metres 200 200 Beam Blanks 3.9 metres - 10 metres 390 390
    • Jalan Sultan Ismail Level 31 Maju Tower 1001 Kuala Lumpur