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Besi Plat Strip Canai Panas


       hot rolled strip is produced largely as a downstream activity by the steelmakers. Therefore the distribution of hot rolled strip which invariably requires further processing is often distributed by service centres, in particular ex wide rolled material. The service centre may be owned by the steelmaker or be independent.

        Narrow Strip mill numbers have declined in recent years due to the inherently higher costs of production. They differ from the wide strip mills in a number of ways. Firstly they offer greater flexibility in terms of the variety of grades they offer, the range of sizes they produce and the types of finishes available. Along with the capability to offer smaller quantities and specialist tolerances they are well placed to deal directly with end users. If material is required with a natural mill edge (Rather than slit)  the narrow mills are the only source. Furthermore a number of high carbon and alloy grades are only available from narrow strip mills.


Cold Formed Steel frame

Cold Formed Steel Hollow Section


Bahan Baku

Hot Rolled Coil




Sliting From Hot Roller Coil

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