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Plat Kembang / Plat Bordes


        The chequered plate has the diamond or the hyacinth bean shape suddenly leng pattern shape in steel plate's surface. Has the very good skid resistant function, its specification by itself thickness expression. the riffled plate main application flower plate has the skid resistant function, often serves as the floor, the workshop staircase with a handrail, the hanging up footboard, the ships deck and the automobile ledger wall and so on.

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Chequered Plate

Spesifikasi Produk

Chequered plate flooring is installed in the plants / road, where the chances of skidding are there. These Chequered Plate Flooring are available with or without angle frame.


Chequered plates are highly durable and wear-resistant. Thus, they are used in the following: For protecting walls from damage while moving heavy goods. As steel plates to cover floors of large areas. In the cement and construction industries. General fabrication. Infrastructure.

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