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Besi Strip Penarikan Dingin (Cold Drawn)


             Cold draw  Flat bars are a high-quality product that is the product of numerous manufacturing processes. First the raw materials of hot-rolled  bars undergo a cold drawing process. This is followed by their being cut at fixed intervals, followed by their undergoing a process of correction that takes into consideration the desired surface toughness, dimensional accuracy, and straightness.

Cold Drawn Steel Product Features

Improved Size and Section / Reduces machining losses


Tighter size & section tolerances Dimensional consistency within each bar Dimensional consistency from bar to bar


Improved Steel Surface Finish / Reduces surface machining & improves quality


Cold drawn Steel Ground and polished steel Surface Improvement (Shaving or turning to produce Defect Free surface) Improved Straightness / Facilitates automatic bar feeding Increased Mechanical Properties / Can reduce the need for hardening Yield strength Tensile strength Hardness Improve Machinability and Productivity / Enables higher machining feeds & speeds and improved machined finish. Increased machining rates Longer tool life Improved yield Improved Formability / Improves response to spheroidization Cold Drawn and Annealed Improved Cost Effectiveness / Optimizes machinability and reduces yield losses Production of Precision Shapes to Precision Tolerances



Shafts, Fixtures, Etc.

Bahan Baku

Hor roller flate Strip


Cold Drawing

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