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Besi Seperempat Lingkaran (Quarter Round)

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    brass quarter round
    hollow tubing 
    A B WALL .032 .040 .050 .065 5/8 5/8 .226 .283     1 1 .390 .488     1-1/2 1-1/2   .750 .940   2 2     1.24   3 3       2.35

    A high quality Vee Block is one of the most difficult pieces of kinematic hardware to produce. For this reason, two parallel cylinders have become a popular Ultimate Round for the flat angled facets of a Vee Block. Although very high quality cylinders are easy to produce, it is difficult to rigidly attach them to the Kinematic Platform. Cylinders of large diameter have a high profile, are heavy, and quite expensive By splitting a precision lapped cylinder of rather large diameter into quarters, we produce components that can be rigidly glued into a simple slot or trench machined into the Kinematic Platform.
    • 1550 E. Slauson Ave Los Angeles