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Kawat Lapis Tembaga (Plated Cooper)


          Electrical copper wire, flat copper wire and copper flat wire is drawn from round inlets in single operation, through a Roll-Draw unit. The round input is flattened in two stands of flattening rolls, with one edger in between and finally drawn through T.C. die having correct profile. The drawn strip is annealed at the vacuum annealing unit in protective gas atmosphere to produce electrical copper wire, copper flat wire and electrical flat wire. 


Bus Bars Transformer Windings Motor Commutators Trolley Wires

Bahan Baku

Round Cooper


drawn from round inlets

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    ELEKTRISOLA nickel plated copper wire is composed of a copper core, covered by a concentric nickel plating. Some advantages of the nickel layer include high corrosion resistance, as well as, outstanding mechanical properties. Another advantage to magnetic nickel plating is the reduction in high frequency loss in HF applications.
    Nickel plated copper wire is available in diameters from 0.030mm to 0.500mm (AWG 48 - 24) with all insulation and self-bonding enamels as well as bare nickel plated copper wires.
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