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Kawat Per/Pegas (Spring)

USA - ASTM - A228 - K08500

Size UTS Area Tol. mm Weight
mm Kg/mm2
mm2 mm kg/km
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        Spring steel wires can be oil hardened and tampered spring steel wire, bright spring steel wire and carbon spring steel wires.


         For car suspending spring, motorcycle vibration reducing spring, engine door spring and high strength, high flexibility and high weary life spring.

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    Sumiden is the highest quality producer of stainless steel wire for your spring applications. You can depend on Sumiden to supply you when your demanding applications require the highest quality stainless wire. We produce both nickel coated and soap coated stainless steel wire. Nickel coated stainless steel wire was developed and patented by our parent company, Sumitomo Electric Industries LTD (SEI). Nickel coating provides significant advantages over standard soap coated stainless wire.  
    • JL. Pahlawan RT.04 RW.07 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8754706
    • +62 21 8752094

    Jaway steel provides the bright finish stainless steel spring wire, which is our star product and spring makers always praise our spring wire of its excellent performance. The bright finish stainless steel spring wire we produced has nice surface, high temperature resistance, good elasticity and high plasticity
    • Block A 14/F,Jinsui Tower, Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Shanghai, China Shanghai
    • +86 21 36360933
    • +86 21 36361766

    Spring Wire
    • Jl. Industri Raya III Bl. AB N Kab. Tangerang
    • +62 21 5901927
    • +62 21 5901929