Kawat Lapisan Cord Ban (Tire Cord)

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           Steel wire cord quality is based on tensile strength, elongation, and stiffness. It is manufactured from steel rod with high carbon content; and while the steel wires used have different configurations, all are brass-coated strands twisted together into cords. If the wire is used in a multi-ply tire rather than a belted tire, the fatigue performance will be important. If used in belted tires, then stiffness is of primary concern. Since the steel wire is brass coated, storage conditions are important to maintain the steel wire to rubber bonding properties. Therefore, the steel wires are also kept in a temperature and humidity controlled room once they arrive at the factory.



Automotive Corner Exterior Passenger car tires Bus and truck tires Earth mover, off the road Industrial tires Agricultural / farm tires Agricultural & excavator tracks Snowmobile tracks Motor cycle tires



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High Carbon Steel wire Rod


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